Hi! I'm Mandy Rivers and I live my life at the ballpark 😉 Between baseball and softball, my family lives most of our life at one ballpark or another and we've gotten pretty good at it. This site is a place for me to share the tips, tricks and recipes I've come to depend on with two kids playing ball year-round (both rec and travel ball).

I am the owner of a recipe website called South Your Mouth and author of two (working on #3!) cookbooks. In addition to South Your Mouth and the cookbooks I also have a regular full-time job so it is SUPER-DE-DOOPER important for me to be efficient and organized with our kids' sports activities.

But the most important thing I can share with you is that I LOVE watching my kids play ball! We have been so fortunate to land on teams with amazing coaches and families and I am so thankful for the village our ballpark life has created for us.

We live in Lexington, South Carolina.

Thank you for stopping by! Make yourself at home and visit often!


Here's my tribe! From left to right we have Gigga (my daddy), Husband, Brutus, me, Angel Baby (aka A.B.) and Nana (my mama). This was Brutus' homerun ball from all-stars last year.